Hi, I am Antonio and I am a passionate
Pixel Perfect Design

I can help you find the best design for your idea and I can implement it with extreme care for details.

Unlimited customization possibilities

Custom UI element, sophisticated animation, ad-hoc third-party integration…you name it, I can craft it.

Clean code

I deliver clean code which follow the best common software engineering principles and design patterns.

I craft beautiful and unique digital experiences.

As design lover I strive for beautiful and simple solutions with the clients and their “emotional state” in mind. I have an eye for design details and a love for the Google’s material design.

I am professional and reliable.

As developer I am able to work in fast-paced and agile development environments. I enjoy working with talented people and getting the most from discussing and collaborating with them.

I strive for high quality work.

As engineer I love crafting beautiful and cutting-edge apps with clean code at heart. I’m obsessed by performance and optimisations and I always try hard to maximise development efficiency by automating repetitive tasks.

Idea discussion

My highest priority is to satisfy the customer. Clarity of intentions and transparent agreement is the first step.

Continuous delivery

Prototype, build, test, review, and repeat. Small and quick delivery guarantee a low risk release, faster time to market and higher quality.

Testing for Perfection

Collect and review user feedbacks and app analytics. Improve features and keep the app evolving with the business. I can help you with that.

Hire me if you like what I do.
Something about me

I am building Android apps since 2012.
I have worked in startups, medium and large size companies.
I like to work with great teams, both locally and remotely..
I have experience as Scrum Master and as agile developer.
I have successfully lead projects as a solo developer from start to finish.
I have two master degrees in Software Engineering.
I have been honoured with the best thesis award at Mälardalens University (MdH) for year 2013 by the Swedish Association of Engineers.
I have won the 2nd price at the Google Fit Developer Challenge in 2015.
And I have published an handful of apps as hobby projects.




Data storage, security and encryption

UX and UI design

I love tech, solving problems, following good software engineering practices, create simple and effective designs, beautiful and sophisticated ui animations and staying up to date with the latest google languages and libraries.
What clients and colleagues say about my work

Antonio is a hard worker who cares about his craft. He takes pride in his work and wants to deliver the best product possible, from a business and technical point of view. And he is a nice guy too!

Gustavo Martins


Antonio is the type of developer that thinks in solutions. During my time working with Antonio I never heard him say something is impossible, which is basically a designer's dream.

Gyor Moore


Antonio has, without doubt, some the highest standards of integrity of anyone I’ve ever worked with. He is unwavering in his principals and therefore a trusted colleague. He is detailed in his work and crystal-clear in his communication. He is honest, fair, stoic and understanding. Antonio is not known for sugar-coating his words and to some, this can be rather confronting but it’s precisely this quality which makes him excellent at leading and managing teams. He also truly enjoys being active and loves to learn from the stories and experiences of others. In short, Antonio is a man of his word, means what he says and does what he promises.

Kerry Lovell


Antonio is a very dedicated developer. When he finds himself a challenge he really bites down and keeps going till it's resolved. A good trade of Antonio is that he is very involved in what he is developing. He doesn't just program but is critically assessing the design and usability of the thing he is programming. He is the kind of developer you want on your team.

Sabina van Katwijk


It’s exceptionally unusual to meet someone who is so creative and organized at the same time. Antonio is definitely a good example of such people.

Alexander Markelov


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