icon_512_rounded Body Diary
at Selanto Apps
*** AWARDED 2nd PRIZE WINNER AT THE GOOGLE FIT DEVELOPER CHALLENGE ***Proportions in body parts matter! When you want to gain muscle, lose weight or recover from injuries, you cannot measure only your weight or your belly. Keep instead a diary of all your muscles so that you can see which specific muscle needs targeted training to reach your goal… More Info
mywifi MyWiFi
at Sitecom
Making the most out of your home network just got a whole lot easier. The MyWiFi app provides real-time network information and easy access to your Sitecom (modem) router.- Wi-Fi Settings: Easily customize your Wi-Fi names and passwords.
– Guest network settings: Turn on the guest network and customize names and passwords.
– Share Wi-Fi password: Easily share Wi-Fi passwords via QR-codes.
– Wi-Fi Analyzer: Check the quality of the Wi-Fi connection between the router and your phone.
– Network map… More Info
bodycalculator_icon_512 Body Calculator
at Selanto Apps
Do you know your body mass index? your recommended ideal weight? or your daily calorie intake?
With this free application you can find them out with just one touch!
You can calculate your exact total daily energy expenditure and make custom nutrition plans. With clear graphics and animations you will be able to set your goal and see the suggested macro nutrients for your diet…. More Info
wpzoom_e653(0)_512.png A. Cappiello Curriculum Vitae
at Selanto Apps
Since I am an android developer I thought that would be cool to present myself via an app.Feel free to fork my github repo (https://github.com/AntonioCappiello/curriculum-vitae) to create your own cv as an app… More Info
porter-duff-512 PorterDuff Demo
at Selanto Apps
Sample app to play with PorterDuff options combined to color filters and images.Source code available on https://github.com/AntonioCappiello/porterduff-demoMore Info
Material Icons_e8eb(0)_512 Custom View Pager Demo
at Selanto Apps
Sample app which shows a view pager with customisable speed and animation. Source code available on https://github.com/AntonioCappiello/view-pager-with-custom-scrollerMore Info
icon_512 Android Animations Demo
at Selanto Apps
A tool for designer and developer to explore and create android animations. Source code available on https://github.com/AntonioCappiello/view-pager-with-custom-scrollerMore Info
Screen Shot 2016-06-12 at 18.22.54 ING Inside Business
at ING Wholesale Banking
The ING InsideBusiness App from ING Wholesale Banking offers easy access to a growing range of corporate banking services. More Info
launcher_live 2 Always Hello
at Banda BV
Instantly exchange contact details with the people around you in one easy click. No more filling in contact details line by line. Great for when you’re networking or on the go. And best of all, the contact details you swap are automatically and directly saved in your phone’s address book. More Info
512 - Play Store rounded Vacation Tracker
at Selanto Apps
We all ask ourself this famous question just before planning our holidays: “How many vacation days do I have left?” Today you can stop worrying about it because this app will tell you exactly that, and much more! Say no more tedious excel-lists and manually written holiday requests.
More Info
ball_on_curved_grass Soccer League Simulator
at Selanto Apps
This is a sample project of a game which simulates a soccer league. In particular, in this league there are 4 teams which play against each other, in a total of 6 matches.
More Info
high res icon De SamenwoonApp
at How 2 Spend It
Woon je samen, of ga je samenwonen? Check dan de SamenwoonApp en vind alles wat je moet weten op juridisch en financieel gebied. Van checklists tot testjes, van blogs tot verhuiskaarten. Met deze app ben je klaar voor jouw lovestory!
More Info

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