How many vacation days do you have left?

How many times have you asked yourself this famous question just before planning your next holiday?

And what is the next thing that you do?

Well, if you are in a medium-large size company then you may have at your disposal some software tools which keep track of employee’s leave requests.

If you are instead in a small company which may not be provided with such tools, then the most common things to do is to start keeping personal notes of your holiday in a excel sheet. Ultimately you could ask your HR guy to check his own excel sheet, which may still not be better than yours 🙂

Well this is exactly the situation in which I have found myself. I got tired of keeping this excel sheet up to date and also to calculate every time how many days did I earned up to now. Moreover, the situation start to become even more complex when you do overtime, which is quite a common thing in a start-up environment.

So one day I thought… I could make an app for that! 

Here I am, after a few months of working during weekends, while moving to a new home and having my first child 😀 , I finally managed to publish the first beta version of Vacation Tracker.

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Download from Google Play

The idea of this app is pretty simple: you enter the day of holidays that you are entitled per year by your work contract, the start and the end date of the contract, and voilà, the app will show:


  1. how many vacation days have you EARNED from the start of the contract until now,
  2. how many have you already TAKEN,
  3. and how many are LEFT.


Obviously you need to enter the taken days for an accurate overview 🙂 and that is also pretty easy to do: you can enter full days or even fraction of days into the history page.



What’s next?

Well for now I will first fix the bugs that will come out from this beta release 🙂 After that I have plan to expand it by including overtime tracking. However, if you have any idea to make it better for your personal need I will be happy to hear it. Maybe I can develop it for you!

Happy testing!


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