Following the inaugural Android Dev Summit

The Android engineering team of Google has just kicked-off two days of tech talks for its Android followers. As many developers who could not be in Mountain View for the live event, I am just watching the streaming from one of the local Android community, Dutch Android User Group.

Android Dev Summit Splash

We are watching the keynote in Media Plaza, a “futuristic” building located in front of the central station of Utrecht, where one of the sponsor of the event @Blendle  is also based.


And thanks to them we have pizza and beers for free 🙂


Anyway, the keynote is started and amazing things have been announced already, things that any android developer was long waiting for.

For me, the most important announcement was: “POWAAAR”!


Well, what I mean is actually “SPEED”. That is possible with the new Android Studio, not the 1.5 which was release last week, but a new major version, 2.0 (now available on the canary channel)!

Some of the feature announced are:

  • Instant run: which allows to do hot code swap and see the rendering immediately on our devices,
  • Super fast build and installation: from 2x to 2.5x times faster for a first build and speed in a single digit second for incremental build!
  • More emulated feature: GPS location, battery status, sms etc…
  • A new GPU profiler and debugger for graphic intense development, which allows to record stream frame by frame,
  • The latest IntelliJ 15 is already integrated,
  • Better test support: jUnit tests and UI tests can now run in a single time!
  • Deep linking support 
  • and more…


More details on the latest android developments will be given via the live streaming portal of the event:, so if you are curious about it and if your time zone allows it, then don’t miss it 🙂

Have fun with the talks!

Again, a thanks to the @DutchAUG and @Blendle  for organising the “Extended”.


For all local android developers, the @DutchAUG is probably going to organise a few meetups at the beginning of next year to give the possibility to explore further the topic covered during the summit, so make sure to join them on meetup and stay tuned for upcoming announcement.


Some takeaway of the evening:

  • The lava flow effect
  • “Architect for UX”
  • […] update persistent model first, then the network”
  • “Design for Offline!”
  • “Design back-end for your client, not for your app”
  • “Act locally, sync globally”
  • “Understand Activity vs Fragment vs Views, and when to use them”



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