My first blog post ever is live!

Welcome to my blog. In this post I am going to spend a few words about me and about the reasons behind this blog. I believe that this is going to be also one of the few posts without <code/> in it :-).

Me, before the beard. The gravatar is newer then this pic.

After more then three years of coding for the “greendroid” and a few more of “stealing” from the open source community, I have decided that it’s time to bring something back. It’s time to share what I have learned in this journey with YOU, whoever you are, android developer, android enthusiast or simple lost visitor of my blog.

As a self taught Android Developer, I have gone through a lot of late nights and espresso cups to find the answers to my daily programming challenges, which become even more difficult when Google decided that espresso is not only just a cup of coffee anymore, but also a testing framework 😱 . So I thought that would have been nice if the solutions to some of the problems which I was facing were a little bit easier to find or maybe a bit more concrete. And then I decided, why don’t share those solutions with other developers? That’s why I am writing. I wish that my posts can help some other developer to be more effective in writing code for the android platform and in using the best tools available for doing this work.

Have a pleasant journey and…

…happy coding 🙂


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